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This lesson teaches a methodical approach for all law school multiple choice questions. The step-by-step approach provides a framework to work through questions so students can more easily eliminate distractor answer choices. The lesson will thoroughly explore each step in this analytical approach.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the lesson, the student will be able to:
1. Recall the strategy for answering multiple choice questions.
2. Examine calls of the question for subject and small areas of law.
3. Locate dispositive facts from multiple choice fact patterns.
4. Formulate an answer prior to reading the answer choices.

Lesson Completion Time
45 minutes


  • Steven Foster

    Steven Foster is the Director of Academic Achievement and Instructor of Law at Oklahoma City University School of Law.  After graduating in 2008, Professor Foster joined Oklahoma City University to help students improve performance in law school and on the bar exam.  He has given numerous national and regional presentations on academic support along with being the primary editor for the Academic Support Blog on the Law Professor’s Blog Network.

    Director of Academic Achievement and Instructor of Law
    Oklahoma City University School of Law
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